Riverside Gardens: Where have the plants gone?

The project team are busily expediting pre-start planning conditions with Bexley and the Environment Agency to start works this spring. This is a formality that could only be completed once we had formally appointed a contractor.  With this project,  there are specific conditions that need to be addressed as the site is located next to the Thames and its flood defences.

 In the meantime, we are preparing the site as much as possible to speed up the programme and minimise inconvenience locally. Most recently, FORGE and a volunteer gardening group named ‘Bloominerith’ have been busily removing some plants to relocate at other sites around Erith.  

If you would like to help, they will be meeting on Saturday 20th of April (10am – 1pm) by the flagpole – all volunteers are welcome! Please email bloominerith@gmail.com for more info.

 Please keep an eye on www.greatererith.com website for more updates.