Erith Links

The Council is working in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) to develop the ‘Erith Links’ project.

The proposed scheme will help the Council and its partners kick start significant regeneration in the town by improving the quality of public realm in Erith;

  • Enhancing connections between the town centre and the train station, helping to improve access to public transport
  • Improving the flow of traffic around the town and improving cycle, walking and bus routes
  • Revitalising high street spaces which provide the spine to the majority of the proposed development opportunities within the town centre

The Erith Links project is subject to TFL’s Major Scheme application process. Funding for Major Schemes is awarded through a competitive bidding process in three stages.

So far, the Council has been successful in securing funding to develop outline designs, undertake feasibility work for the next submission to TfL and engage with the community and stakeholders.

During the early stages of project development, three fact finding events and numerous meetings took place with local residents, interested groups and organisations, and Councillors and officers. This engagement resulted in a range of comments which have helped define the following:

  • The aspirations of the project
  • An understanding of how the town centre is used and by whom
  • What facilities and improvements people would like to see
  • An understanding of the local context and community’s needs and desires

Further consultation with the public is planned once additional TfL funding is confirmed.