Cabinet approves next step towards developing key town centre site

Bexley Cabinet this week gave the go-ahead to the next step towards the improvement of Pier Road West in Erith town centre.

The Council will now start work to identify a development partner to help create a new and improved gateway to the town. It will also explore the use of compulsory purchase powers, in case these are needed to buy properties in the area.

This week’s decision means the Council can now –

  • Identify who owns property in the area (a process known as land referencing)
  • Value the properties
  • Make offers to buy properties from those who would like to sell
  • Pay compensation and meet the cost of professional advice.

The Council hopes that it will not need to use its compulsory purchase powers to buy the properties affected. It would prefer to buy them by mutual agreement, which will mean paying compensation towards the costs incurred by their owners.

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